At Purple Fountain Tree, we believe that if humans have the capability of environmental destruction, then we must also have the capability of environmental restoration.  We can not only protect our earth, but we can help it reach full potential.  There are numerous ways you can help right in your own backyard.


grow green plants


By planting native and adapted species, you not only get to enjoy a beautiful landscape, but you minimize the water requirements of the space and you can provide food & shelter for numerous birds & butterflies.  Setup a meeting with Purple Fountain Tree and we’ll help you decide which plants will work best in your yard.  If you’d like to browse the best adapted plants for the area or take a class about native plants, check out The City of Austin’s Grow Green Program and Guidebook; most local nurseries also have the guidebook free of charge.







Would you like to be a better steward of the land around you?  There are many ways you can help and get involved.   One way is to transform your backyard into a Texas wildscape, a place where our native plants and animals can thrive, and Purple Fountain Tree can help.  To find out more, check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s page on creating a backyard wildscape.  Then contact Purple Fountain Tree and we’ll help you get your yard certified as a Texas Wildscapes Backyard Habitat.


Texas is home to about 3,300 native plant species & is considered a biodiversity hotspot internationally.  Over the centuries, many plant & animal species have made their way here from afar and not only continue to live, but thrive.  Their ability to outcompete our natives for soil nutrients and water not only puts our ecology & biodiversity at risk, but also these invasives are not plants that we’d like to have on our property.  Have Purple Fountain Tree evaluate your property with regard to invasive species and then we can help you remove them.  Or, if you’d like to identify the plants yourself and learn more, check out the database Texas Invasives.  And if you live in the central Texas area, check out the City of Austin’s Top 24 Invasive Plants list.  And then, if you’d like to get involved and help remove invasives outside your own property check out the City of Austin’s Invasive Plants Management page.