Purple Fountain Tree offers a complete selection of design & landscape construction services.  If you have a project outdoors, we can help you develop a plan that will enrich your life and the planet. 


  Earthwork, Terraforming & Drainage

From berms & swales to french drains, we can shape your land to direct the water where you want it to go.  Hold it on the land in the form of a rain garden or send it away from your foundation in the pipe of a french drain.  Contact Purple Fountain Tree to see how you can get a handle on your home’s drainage situation.



stone patio
 Stone, Concrete & Masonry

We install patios, retaining walls, driveways and just about anything else you can imagine with stone.  We specialize in permeable paver systems & ferrocement and we also harvest urbanite (recycled concrete) for use as patio & stepping stones.  Contact us today to see how your yard can transform with a mason’s hand.



waterston tank2
 Rainwater, Irrigation & Greywater reuse

Water is a precious resource and conservation is our goal.  If you’d like to start conserving water contact us today.  We can help you plan a rainwater harvesting system, tune-up your existing irrigation system, or retrofit it with today’s most efficient irrigation technology.



wet look


Custom Carpentry, Decks, Fences

Tiny homes, custom backyard studios, decks & fences, we can bring new life to your space with the textures of wood grain.  If you’re looking for something more unique than a 6′ foot privacy fence, you’ve come to the right place; and if you’d like to use locally milled cedar & juniper or lumber that is FSC of SFI certified, even better.



limerick steel 2

Custom Metalwork and welding

With its low profile and clean lines, steel can be the perfect solution for many design challenges.  Properly installed, steel can last a lifetime, and Purple Fountain Tree can add that custom touch you’ve been looking for.



limerick flower garden


Plants, Animals & Permaculture

The heart of any garden, ecology at work.  If you want to interact with your landscape and preserve urban wildlife this is where to start.  Native & edible perennials, raised bed gardens and wicking beds, vermiculture & aquaponics, apiaries, butterfly gardens and plants that bring in the birds, we can help.