51,000gal Ferrocement Rainwater Cistern

Ferrocement is a wonderful material for building rainwater cisterns.  Currently, there are four basic material choices when it comes to rainwater tanks: polyethylene, fiberglass, galvanized steel & ferrocement.  This client wanted to use the harvested water for everything, including drinking water and they had a serious concern for water quality.  When this is the case we highly recommend ferrocement.  All galvanized steel tanks are lined with plastic, and many people have concerns that the plastic in such tanks could leach into the water supply.  Also, most research has shown that rainwater, especially around urban areas, tends to be a little acidic, so we believe that the lime & cement in the ferrocement tanks aids in balancing the pH of the water.  The clients concern for water quality is also a reason we chose to recommend burying the tank.  Underground tanks maintain lower water temperatures than above ground tanks and most people prefer cool water for drinking; cooler temperatures also inhibit bacterial & pathogen growth. 

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